Welcome to 10th Annual Oxnard Independent Film Festival
Downtown Oxnard, California

There are varied, exciting locations of interest in the City of Oxnard, California. These include great scenes for major picture production companies, commercials or photography. There are numerous harbors and marinas, with beach and ocean views, all withing the beautiful City of Oxnard.

We host here Oxnard Independent Film Festival for many years and are happy that tourists come from all over the country.

Discover more about our festival on our website, or find out the Festival Schedule here.

Please find below the winners from previous editions of the Festival:

All winners are based on comments and feedback from the OIFF screening committee, as well as the tabulations made from the audience voting ballots. All winners will receive an award and certificate.

The Audience Choice Award is based entirely on the audience voting ballots.

A * indicates a tie.


Best Director…Leonardo Ricagni (Indocumentados)

* Best Short Film…Mexican Suitcase (dir. Stephanie Saint Sanchez) & The Mosquito (dir. Tanya Vidal)

Best Documentary…Parents of the Year (dir. James D. Scurlock)

Best Animation…Journey To Mars (dir. Juan Pablo Zaramella)

Best Cinematography…Tomoko Katase (dir. of photography) Shell Ear

Technical Achievement Award…System of Units (dir.Richie Mehta)

Best Actor…Gregory Pakis (The Garth Method)

Best Actress…Rina Fernandez (as Chencha) in La Puta

Audience Choice Award…Wetback: The Undocumented Documentary (dir. Arturo Perez Torrez)

Festival Favorite…Everyone Their Grain of Sand (dir. Beth Bird)


* Best Documentary…Gay (dir. Brandon Yanofsky & Dylan Ellison)


Every 15 Minutes (dir. Brian Gurrola & CHS Studios)

* Best Director…Mike Fishbein (My Friend Elad)


Diana Soto (Is That The Right Word?)

Best Music Video…Maria “Jimmy Come Home” (dir. Julian Mendoza)

Best Animation…THATman! (dir. Jeramy Martinez, Alejandro Jaramillo, Ruben Coriz, Carlos Lujan, Dwight Curran)

Best Cinematography…Alex Vasquez (Trailers)

Technical Achievement Award…Rahndum (dir. Ricardo Gomez)

Best Actor…N/A

Best Actress…N/A

Audience Choice Award…Every 15 Minutes (dir. Brian Gurrola & CHS Studios)

Festival Favorite…The Doll From Hell (dir. Alex Vasquez)



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